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"Unsolved papers CBSE always believes in Global Trends of Educational Transformation and Continual Improvement Process which means that the Board continually examines its processes and curriculum to evolve and find resonance amongst the educational fraternity. In this context, CBSE had restored Class X Board examination from the academic year 2017-18 doing away with the CCE pattern. Further to this, on 15th March 2018, CBSE released an updated curriculum for Academic Year 2018-2019 on which these latest edition of Oswaal Unsolved papers are based. We at Oswaal Books are always proactive to follow the changes proposed by the Board and implement the same as soon as possible to put the students, parents and teachers at ease. The Oswaal Unsolved papers have been modified and rewritten as per the latest Board guidelines in order to supplement the need of the students during the entire academic year! The unsolved questions provide ample scope for practice leading to better understanding of c

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