• Product Name: NCERT Xtract – Objective Biology for NEET, AIIMS, Class 11/ 12, JIPMER 3rd Edition
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The thoroughly revised and updated 3rd edition of NCERT Xtract – Objective Biology for NEET, Class 11 & 12, AIIMS, JIPMER consists of standardized MCQs as per current NCERT syllabus covering the entire syllabus of 11th and 12th standard. A lot of new questions have been added in the book. The book is completely based on the NCERT book and will help the aspirants in completely mastering the NCERT book and preparing them for the various exams. This book-cum-Question Bank spans through 38 chapters in the form of MCQs of multiple variety. MCQs have been prepared in the following types 1. Facts & Definitions – simple MCQs, filler based etc. 2. Diagrams based MCQs 3. Reasoning based MCQs 4. Matching based MCQs 5. Statement Questions MCQs with single and multiple answers. 6. Chronological order MCQs 7. Statement 1/ Statement 2 or Assertion – Reason MCQs These different types of MCQs will expose you to the various patterns of PMT exams. These MCQs will test your knowledge, understanding of c

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