• Product Name: Objective Mathematics for JEE Main with Boards Score Booster 14th Edition
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Subject: Engg. Entrance
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The All New “Objective Mathematics for JEE Main with Boards Score Booster” is a 2-colour encapsulating the formula for cracking Boards & JEE Main simultaneously. Salient features of Disha's “Objective Mathematics for JEE Main with Boards Score Booster” books are: • Exhaustive theory, with solved examples, explaining all fundamentals/ concepts to build a strong base. • Illustrations to master applications of concepts & sharpen problemsolving skills. • 3 levels of graded exercises to ensure sufficient practice. •1200+ NCERT based Questions (Boards Score Booster) for Board exams covered in a separate exercise. •1500+ past Competitive Exam MCQ’s of JEE Main/ AIEEE and other entrance exams to provide a better exposure covered in the exercise “Window to Competitive Exams.” •3000+ Practice MCQ’s for the JEE Main exam. The book contains Inchapter MCQ’s after every significant topic covered in the theory portion. Finally a Practice exercise at the end of each chapter containing both Conce

Publisher:Disha Publication

Author-Writer:Er. Anoop Srivastava