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Senior Secondary Mathematics for Class 12 Examination 2020-2021

Author: rs agarwal

ISBN: 9350271249

Standard: 12

Book Type: Exam Preparation Books

Subject: Maths

Language: English

Publisher: rs agarwal

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t gives me great pleasure in presenting the new edition of this book. In this edition, the modifications have been dictated by the changes in the CBSE syllabus. The structure and the methods used in the previous editions, which have been appreciated by teachers using the book in classroom conditions, remain unchanged. The main consideration in writing the book was to present the considerable requirements of the syllabus in as simple a manner as possible. Special attention has been paid to the gradation of problems. This will help students gain confidence in problem-solving. One problem faced by students is the lack of a comprehensive and carefully selected set of solved problems in textbooks of this kind. I have given due weightage to this aspect. Each set of solved examples is followed by a comprehensive exercise section in which students will get enough questions for practice. Hints have been given to the more difficult questions. Students should take their help as a last resort. I h


Publisher:rs agarwal

Author-Writer:rs agarwal

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